Our events

Beyond teaching, team Dezert Point Club members also participate in the promotion and development of winters sports in Britain. Events ponctuate the year on topics as varied as gardening, traveling, sports events or evenings.

Open and accessible to everyone, they are a place of and conviviality.

Every year in June, the international Surfing Day invests beaches and waves around the world. The team of Dezert Point, supported by European Association Of Industrialists Of the Slides and European Surfing Federation, is participating in this open to allow all the discovery of sports.

This Summer, during the month of July and August, the team Dezert Point offers concert. Every friday night a new group here and abroad are invited to school ! A good way to close your week surf.

Surfrider foundation partner since its inception, Team Dezert Point place the ecological question at the center of its concerns. It is in the context of the Ocean Initiatives surf school organizes every year in March a waste collection day on the beach of Pors Carn in Penmarc'h. The « Clean beach » aims to mobilize and sensitize the greatest number of environment issues.

Travel and Surf are inseparable. To holiday Al Saints'day, memebers of the training center will perfect their techniques on the mystical waves of the South West in Hossegor. The Surf Camp is for members of the club, it is bordered by two instructors Dezert point. Discovery of spots, meeting with professionnal surfers, traveling on a competition, are all element that make this stay unforgettable.