In the wake of sliding sessions pedagogy of discovery is implemented by the monitor to a fun and safe approach to surfing. The objectives (knowledge of the equipment, the environment...) aim to introduce children to the aquatic environment, to raise their concerns and offer them their first feeling of gliding and take pleasure.

In general, children of this age learn quickly and show certain physical predispositions. Their natural flexibility and their very low center of gravity are facilitating factors learning surfing.

In addition, in motor development, the period of 5 to 8 years is a suitable age for the acquisition of coordination in the body. The therapists also recommend making practice in children's actvities seeking the whole body, such as performing simple gymnastic movements... The surfing is also involved in the development of body image, coordination, and the balance in the offspring. Keep elongated balance on the board, recovering in coordinating action with the top of the lower body, standing balanced on his board in a single posture... all motor actions that promote growth motor habilities of the child.

Our school has equipment specifically adapted to smaller ( soft board and combinaison of small sizes).

Do not hesitate and do try the surf to your childrenĀ !

Article by Stephen, school teacher